Whether you’re building a new home, or you want to entirely replace your driveway, one of the first things to decide is which type of driveway you want. Asphalt and concrete have several differences, and each have their own pros and cons. Here’s a quick overview of each type to help you choose: 


  • Cheaper to install. Asphalt has a lower upfront cost compared to concrete, making it a more budget-friendly option. 
  • Easier to repair. Although an asphalt driveway does require more maintenance, it’s easier to repair than concrete. The repairs are typically more straightforward and quicker as well. 
  • Aesthetically pleasing. The appearance of a black, smooth surface is appealing, and it can boost your curb appeal. Their bold look makes your house stand out from the rest! 
  • Better for cold climates. While asphalt does occasionally need repairs after winter, it’s less prone to cracking than concrete. It stands up a lot better to snow and rain, and in Minnesota, we tend to get a good amount of both. 


  • Long-lasting. With the proper maintenance, concrete driveways can last 30 years. It’s a more durable material and can handle heavier loads as well. 
  • Comfortable in summer. The feeling of stepping onto asphalt on a hot summer day is a painful one. Concrete doesn’t get nearly as hot, which is ideal for homes with kids who like to run around outside. 
  • Easier to maintain. Concrete driveways don’t need as much maintenance as asphalt. You’re putting more money upfront with this choice, but you don’t have to spend more money later.  
  • Design versatility. Even if you’re not a fan of gray, you do have some more options in terms of design. Concrete can be stamped or tinted different colors to fit your aesthetic. With asphalt, you don’t get that choice. 


The choice between an asphalt or concrete driveway often comes down to your location. In Minnesota, we mostly install asphalt driveways since they’re better in cold climates. But for those who live in a warmer place, concrete might be the more practical choice. Metro Paving has been constructing and repairing parking lots and driveways around the Twin Cities since 1988.