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We’ve Got It All: Commercial Paving

Properly laid asphalt is asphalt that will last. What exactly does it mean to have properly laid asphalt? At Metro Paving, it means we’re literally all about the base. Whether you have a new construction parking or an older one that needs to be replaced, we make sure...

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How to Solve Your Pavement Ponding Issue

We’ve officially entered storm season, which means it’s time to reevaluate the ponding on your parking lot. At what point should you get your lot checked out by a paving expert: when you have puddle-size or pond-size standing water? Trick question—any sign of water...

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One Stop Shop for Parking Lots

Construction season has officially gone underway, and you’re questioning what upkeep your business needs this year. Maybe those cracks in your parking seem suspiciously larger than last year? Or you’ve noticed the puddles spreading wider? If so, we’ve got a great...

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