Metro Paving Inc. uses the asphalt overlay process whenever possible.  This is a cost effective paving option that can only be used when the condition of the pre-existing asphalt allows for it.

Contact our paving specialists to find out if asphalt overlay is an option for your parking lot.  Call us at 763-428-4121.

Asphalt overlay is a cost effective paving option for use when large areas of an asphalt surface have deteriorated to the point of needing repair.  A standard overlay consists of first repairing major defective areas and milling the existing asphalt to establish proper and even finished height.  This is typically done along concrete and tight drainage areas.  Then a new layer of asphalt is installed to create a new, stable pavement surface.

This is a good alternative to complete reconstruction especially in large surface areas like asphalt parking lots and paved pathways.

Metro Paving has constructed many parking lots all over the Twin Cities Metro Area and greater Minnesota since 1988.  For examples of our work and references, contact us at 763-428-4121.