Environmentally Sound Paving Practices.  Asphalt reclaim and repave is used whenever possible.  By reusing as much of the old pavement as possible, the reclaim and repave method is an environmentally sound paving option.

Reclaim and repave is used when asphalt has deteriorated past the point of an asphalt overlay.  We first use a pulverizing machine to grind up the existing pavement.  We then use the pulverized material along with a pre-determined amount of existing base material to create a new, stable pavement foundation.  During the reclaiming process, we are able to redesign your parking lot to create drainage where it may not have previously existed.

Metro Paving has constructed many parking lots all over the Twin Cities Metro Area and greater Minnesota since 1988.  For examples of our work and references, contact us at 763-428-4121.