As Minnesota encounters the frustrating pothole season and bumpy, worn pavement becomes more prevalent, it’s crucial for businesses and homeowners to recognize the impact of well-maintained parking lots and pathways on curb appeal. At Metro Paving, with 30+ years of serving the Twin Cities community, we have grown and adapted to the evolving paving industry. Understanding the complexity of the local soils and the importance of a proper base layer are fundamental to creating long-lasting pavement in Minnesota. Without this foundation, new pavement is susceptible to sinking, potholes, and premature wear. 

When planning annual budgets and considering investments, it’s essential to include paving projects, particularly if signs of wear are evident in your parking lot. Our services cater to a diverse range of projects, from new construction to reclaiming, for commercial, residential, and HOA needs. For instance, we take pride in our work at a townhome complex, where we transformed a driveway, showcasing how curb appeal contributes to the overall attractiveness of a property. 

For some commercial properties, durability is key to withstand heavy traffic. Businesses like gas stations, frequented by numerous vehicles and trucks, require pavement that can endure constant wear and tear. In such cases, we can mix a special, harder asphalt for enhanced durability. 

To guarantee longevity, each of our paving projects is expertly seal-coated to withstand the test of time and weather. Our comprehensive services also encompass curbing, striping, and pavement drainage, providing a complete paving solution in one package. 

If you are located in the Twin Cities and your pavement is in need of a revamp after the record-breaking cold winter, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a free estimate. At Metro Paving, we are committed to delivering exceptional paving services to keep your pavements in top condition, ensuring safety and visual appeal.