Just like with new buildings, parking lots take careful planning and time to construct. Paving a new parking lot is much more than laying down asphalt and calling it a day, and you’ll need an experienced paving company you can rely on. When Metro Paving takes on a new parking lot construction project, here’s what you can expect. 

Checking the soil type 

The first step of constructing a new lot is to learn the soil type. Areas around the Twin Cities are commonly clay or sand, and they have different needs for the aggregate sub-base. For example, clay holds moisture and can cause the pavement to heave in the winter, so it needs a thicker base. 

Laser profiling 

This service is done in order to find the best drainage point for your parking lot. Without proper drainage, water will pool on the asphalt and seep into it, causing cracks below the surface. Your lot will need to have the right slope to make sure the water has somewhere to go. 

Quick construction 

We know you want your new parking lot to be done as soon as possible, so we make it our mission to get your project done quickly. However, we’ll never compromise the quality of our work. Many of our client testimonials mention that their project was finished in a timely manner, and it’s what you can expect for your project as well.  

Exceptional customer service 

We make sure that we’re always responsive to your questions and concerns. Our clients’ satisfaction is our top priority, so we want the entire experience to be a pleasant one. The Metro Paving team is friendly and happy to work with you on any special requests. 

One-stop shop

After your parking lot has been constructed, we can take care of the curbing and striping as well. There’s no need to find another contractor, saving you time and effort! 

Maintenance program recommendation 

When the whole project is complete, you’ll have the option to sign up for our free maintenance program. Once a year, in the spring, one of our paving experts will come out and assess the parking lot. Many lots need maintenance after the damages winter can bring, so we’ll let you know if yours needs any repairs.  


We’re in our off-season now, so be sure to get on our spring schedule soon. Then, you’re first on the list once the snow melts! Metro Paving has been constructing and paving parking lots around the Twin Cities metro since 1988.