When your pavement is damaged, it needs repair so you don’t end up paying for complete reconstruction too soon. Our patching and overlay services are cost effective and great options for parking lots needing repair.


This service is typically used for potholes, but it can only be done when the underlying base is structurally sound. You’ll notice that potholes appear during the spring, especially early on, as temperatures rise enough to melt snow, but drop again and cause the water to freeze. We offer three types of asphalt patching:

  • Surface patching: For potholes that aren’t terribly deep and have a good underlying base, surface patching is a quick solution. This patch isn’t meant to last for a long time and is more of a short-term fix if the pothole is causing problems for drivers.
  • Mill patching: This is done for depressed or tight drainage areas. We mill down the patch area to ensure that the new asphalt on top will be even with the rest of the pavement.
  • Remove and replace: This service is also done for entire parking lots, but it’s used for filling potholes too. We remove the asphalt in the affected area and replace it with new asphalt, which is more of a long-term solution as well.


When a large area of the asphalt has deteriorated, as opposed to a couple small sections, asphalt overlay is a good solution. This is another form of asphalt maintenance, as it extends the life of your parking lot by taking care of those damaged areas.

Asphalt overlay can be thought of as a big patching job. We still go in and repair the majorly defective areas and mill the existing asphalt—it’s just done on a bigger scale and typically covers the entirely of a parking lot so that everything is even and stable.

The paving experts at Metro Paving will know if you need asphalt patching or overlay. And after our services are done, you can sign up for our free maintenance program where one of our team members will come to your lot in the spring and asses it. This way, if your pavement does need repair, they’ll let you know, which will help extend its life.

Give us a call today to get on our summer schedule! Parking lots have been our specialty since 1988.