September still experiences high temperatures and sunny days, but it’ll be chilly out before we know it. In the meantime, it has been an exceptionally hot summer. If your pavement isn’t holding up, it’s time to schedule one of our services this fall before those freezing temps arrive.

Sealcoating: This is best done in the fall because of the moderate and consistent temperatures. A sealcoat fills damages on the surface of the asphalt and acts as a protective layer from salt and snowplows in the winter. The repetition of freezing and thawing in the late winter and early spring will cause existing cracks to expand, which eventually leads to potholes. Sealcoating will strengthen your asphalt and make sure it’s still in good condition after the snow has melted.

Patching: If you’ve got cracks or potholes in your pavement, and the asphalt is still in good condition, get patching done now before those damages become a bigger problem. As stated previously, the freeze-thaw effect will make those cracks expand, causing your asphalt to deteriorate and require a more expensive repair service.

Overlay: When large areas of your pavement have deteriorated and are in need of repair, asphalt overlay is the answer. Winter will only make these spots worse, so the service should be done in the fall, or you could be looking at a complete removal and replacement come spring.

Laser Profiling: If you’re dealing with ponding in the summer and fall, then your asphalt is already taking in water and causing cracks beneath the surface. Laser profiling allows us to find the optimal drainage points and saves your pavement from damage to the foundation. When the snow melts, you don’t want to deal with all that water in your parking lot.

After you’ve had any of our services done, you can sign up for our free maintenance program, where one of our experts will evaluate the pavement and let you know if repairs are needed.

If you don’t want to deal with costly repairs in the spring, schedule your fall maintenance services now. Your budget should be spent on larger projects and not on damages that could have been prevented.

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