Whether your parking lot is 10 years old, or heavy machinery is breaking down the asphalt too quickly, the experts at Metro Paving are ready to fix the problem and teach you how to prevent further damage. Below are the types of damages we’re able to fix.

Ponding: Hopping over huge puddles in the street or parking lot is annoying, and unfortunately, many people find it normal after rain. But, ponding is the result of an inadequate drainage system. Water that sits on top of the asphalt will seep into the cracks and cause it to break down. Our laser profiling technology will profile the existing elevations and determine where the water will go.

Potholes: Caused by issues like ponding, these unsightly damages can be dangerous for cars and pedestrians. The approach to repairing potholes depends on the current state of the asphalt. If the underlying base is structurally sound, patching is the solution. Our state-of-the-art equipment is used for all types of asphalt patching.

Cracking: They start out small, but they’re mighty. If not taken care of, cracks lead to potholes and pavement failure. Cracksealing is used when the asphalt has cracked or expanded more than one inch in width. The repair process includes routing out of existing pavement to create an even bond.

  • Rutting is caused by asphalt that can’t handle the weight or constant traffic of vehicles. These appear as the same shape and size as tire tracks.
  • Alligator cracks—over time, water accumulation can cause asphalt to crack and separate, causing an “alligator” appearance.
  • Block cracks cover large areas and are a series of footlong, rectangular cracks. These appear in low-traffic areas and are caused by shrinkage due to freeze and thaw cycles. Remove and replace may be needed if the cracks are severe.

Metro Paving has the experience you need for all pavement repairs. Call and get on our schedule today!