Asphalt parking lots and surfaces are typically very durable and able to withstand intense weather conditions and relatively high heat. However, that does not mean asphalt is unaffected by UV rays. Harsh UV rays can degrade asphalt and cause your surface to become brittle, which increases your parking lot’s susceptibility to damage like decay, cracks, warping, and deformities.

To maintain your asphalt pavement, it’s important to utilize sealcoating. Sealcoating helps prevent irreversible damage long before you notice any cosmetic issues. Without sealcoating, your parking lot can be susceptible to the following issues:

Surface breakdown and decay

When your asphalt is damaged by UV rays, sections of the pavement may become loose.


In addition to water ponding and shifting, UV rays are the most common culprit of asphalt cracking. Under high heat, asphalt can swell which leads to expansion cracks.

Warping, melting and disfigurement

In summertime where high heat is almost constant, asphalt is susceptible to spread. This is due to the tar in the asphalt mixture that can melt when exposed to consistent high temperatures.


While asphalt is incredibly durable (typically lasting up to 10 years), sealcoating can extend your pavement’s life even longer, especially when utilized every three to four years depending upon your asphalt’s condition.

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