The quality of your parking lot can make a lasting impression on your business. Shopping centers, housing complexes, churches, and restaurants are notorious for having less than stellar parking lots. No one enjoys dodging puddles as they exit their vehicle. Parking lot maintenance is critical to ensure that your lot is not only safe to drive on, but aesthetically pleasing as well.

Do large pools of water form as snow melts or after a rain? This is a key sign of poor drainage due to improper grading. These pools of water erode your parking lot and cause it to deteriorate more quickly. Proper grading prevents standing water issues—the root cause of most pavement failures.

For adequate drainage, a slope of 2-5% is recommended. Anything less than 2% predisposes your parking lot to ponding. Drainage issues can be a major issue that leads to unnecessary damage and costly repairs. The erosion that occurs can weaken the asphalt, causing your parking lot to crack.

Unfortunately, these cracks can lead to a host of other issues—including potholes. Potholes are formed due to water freezing and expanding within parking lot cracks. Over time, this results in irreversible damage that can no longer be patched and requires a full parking lot repave.

If you notice pools of water in your lot, it is imperative to act now to prevent the issues from compounding.

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