It’s January 2021. A new year, but is your parking lot still looking like 2020? Even though ice and snow may be covering your lot right now, you know what lies beneath. Why not give us a call now and get on our schedule for the spring. Scheduling now will ensure your lot is one of the first we tackle when the snow and ice melt.

Our Services

We have several options to choose from when considering paving your parking lot. Our goal is to provide the right solutions for each of our clients and their needs.

  • Reclaim and Repave: If you are eco-conscious, looking to save some money, or want a quick turnaround on your paving job, then the reclaim and repave process is for you. During reclaim and repave, our expert pavers evaluate your existing parking lot to see how much asphalt we can reuse, then mix it in with the asphalt that will be applied to your parking lot.
  • Remove and Replace: When parking lots are too damaged for reclaiming, we remove all existing pavement and replace it. This gives you – and your parking lot – a chance to start new. We always use MN DOT approved material to ensure our parking lot is strong enough to hold the heaviest of vehicles and stand up to Minnesota’s harsh winters and sweltering summers.
  • Sealcoating: Repaving not in your budget this year? Sealcoating is an efficient way to both protect your parking lot and extend its lifespan. Before sealcoating, we can patch potholes and strengthen areas where cracks have formed. Sealcoating also gives your parking lot that just-paved look without the just-paved price.
  • Laser Profiling and Grading: Before any paving project, we check the grading of your parking lot to ensure proper water drainage. If water doesn’t drain properly, it can find its way underneath your asphalt and weaken your subgrade which leads to cracks and potholes if not fixed in time.
  • Finishing Touches: At Metro Paving Inc, we finish what we started. We offer striping and curbing services to complete your paving job and get your parking lot ready for use.

At Metro Paving Inc. our professional pavers are here to help get your parking lot ready for the new year. Request your free parking lot paving estimate today!