Even though paving season will be coming to a close in just a few short weeks, this is a great time to contact us so you’ll be first on the list next spring. Spring is a great time to pave your lot as it repairs winter damage and reduces summer damage.

Winter and Summer Damages

Winter and summer are the worst seasons for asphalt. In the summer, UV rays and improper water drainage can damage your parking lot resulting in cracks and potholes. In the winter, this damage is expanded thanks to Minnesota’s constant fluctuating temperatures and the thawing and refreezing that results.

When above freezing, melting water has a chance to seep into cracks in your asphalt. When the temperatures dip again, the expansion of that frozen water will make cracks in your pavement worse. Overtime, your lot will begin to break apart causing pot holes and rough patches. When summer comes back around, these larger cracks mean the UV rays can reach deeper into your asphalt and cause even more damage.

Stop the cycle in its tracks by getting your parking lot maintenance done.

Our services include:

  • Complete tear out and replacement
  • Reclaim and repave
  • Parking lot patching
  • Overlay
  • New parking lot construction
  • Sealcoating

Call Metro Paving Inc. now for a free quote and to get on our schedule for spring before it fills up.