As summer is going by, have you noticed that your driveway or parking lot is starting to look lackluster? It may be time to reseal! But why and when should you do it?

A sealcoat is important to keep your asphalt healthy. It helps reduce cracks, protects from salt and snowplows in the winter, and prevent heat damage in the summer. Having your asphalt pavement sealed every 2-3 years can help increase its lifespan, so you will get your money’s worth long-term through this easy maintenance. It also helps protect parking lots from all of the foot and vehicle traffic it sees and also any oil leaks or gas stains.

A new sealcoat is how parking lots get the shiny black finish. Having an attractive lot will bring in more clients and give the storefront an instant face lift. If the parking lines are fading, resealing your lot will also give you a chance to repaint them. Then, once winter comes, they will be easier to spot under a dusting of snow or ice, so people know where to park.

A new sealcoat can actually be applied any time between May and October, but the heat in the summer doesn’t create an ideal condition. Due to that, we recommend getting a sealcoat service done in the fall when the temperatures are more ideal. Then your lot will do better against the sub-zero temps of winter and the transition to scorching summer heat—aka the freeze-thaw effect.

We are in the middle of paving season, but it’s not too late for an appointment! We have openings in fall for sealcoating, so call to schedule a job today.