Wow! Look at what new asphalt can do for your parking lot. The clean lines and smooth surface make everyone happy. Beyond appearance, new asphalt brings with it a host of other benefits. Here are a few reasons why it may be time to repave your parking lot.

Poor Drainage. If you see standing water puddles in your lot after a rainstorm, you probably have a drainage issue. This standing water can compromise the integrity of your asphalt overtime and create potholes and cracking that both lead to bigger maintenance issues.

Metro Paving’s laser profiling service identifies the low spots in your parking lot, so we know how to grade and fix the issue. Low spots and lots that are too flat are both prone to drainage problems. Flat parking lots require at least a two-percent slope with a minimum crown of a quarter of an inch per foot. This allows water to drain to the designated areas to deter flooding.

Poor Installation. An asphalt surface is only as good as the base under it. Proper installation will leave your asphalt surface with a longer lifespan. At Metro Paving Inc we take the time to properly grade your lot first to ensure there are no low spots and we laser profile the lot to make sure we have the proper slope for water to drain away. We next use an appropriate aggregate base and compact it to stabilize the ground correctly. Once prepped correctly, the surface is ready for new asphalt.

The Right Asphalt. The mix of asphalt we use will depend on how you use the lot. For lots with high and heavy traffic volume such as dump trucks or semis, we use a special mix that is very hard and will last longer than residential blacktop mixes.

Maintenance. As with anything, the better you maintain it, the longer it will last. Regular sealcoating is your best defense against harsh Midwest winters and the freeze/thaw affect that comes with them.

Metro Paving is here to offer professional service with a free paving estimate. With more than 32 years of asphalt experience, we are your trusted, local source for commercial asphalt paving. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.