What exactly is a cost-effective paving option? Essentially, it’s ensuring you get the most out of your budget thanks to expert evaluation and services. Metro Paving Inc is proud to offer many of those services:


Instead of doing a complete new construction, this service will focus on certain areas that need repair. There are also a few different options: surface patch, mill patch, and remove and replace. Surface patching is typically used on depressed surfaces and recommended when the underlying base is still structurally sound, so the asphalt is placed over it and blended. Mill patching is typically used in tight drainage or trip point areas, and the damaged areas are milled down to ensure they level with the existing asphalt. Remove and replace is a process used for areas that are more severely deteriorated. When the underlying base material has been affected, the remove and replace process is typically recommended.


When larger areas of asphalt have deteriorated but the pre-existing base allows a layer to be placed over it, overlays are recommended. This is a good alternative to complete reconstruction because it maintains your pavement while being more cost-effective. A standard overlay calls for repair of the major defective areas by milling the existing asphalt to establish a proper and even surface. The new layer of asphalt is installed to create a new, stable pavement.

Reclaim and Replace

Reclaim and replace is used when the asphalt has deteriorated past the point of an asphalt overlay. However, the existing pavement can still be reused for the new pavement, so it offers an environmentally sound and cost-effective option. A pulverizing machine is used to grind up the existing pavement and then mixed into the asphalt formula to create a new, stable pavement foundation.


It’s important to maintain your pavement even before it reaches that point of deterioration, and sealcoating helps with that. Depending on the elements affecting your pavement and who set the asphalt previously, another layer could even be applied. Either way, if you suspect the wear on your pavement has been accelerating, you should call a paving expert for an evaluation.

Laser profiling

Specific to Metro Paving Inc, our laser profiling service focuses on improving your pavement’s drainage system and getting water out of tough areas. We will come out and evaluate the existing pavement, determine where the water will go, and determine if the base has been damaged to the point that it needs repair.

In these ways, paving companies should be able to help you stay on budget and even adopt an eco-friendly practice if applicable. Contact Metro Paving Inc. to start discussing your own paving job and ways we can customize it to your needs.