As asphalt paving experts, our services include a long list of options: new construction, patching, overlays, reclaiming, and more. We work with your budget and time to make sure your pavement gets the best finish for your needs. If, for example, the lot pavement had deteriorated so much that an overlay would not suffice, then we would recommend a repaving job. However, there are two ways to go about it: use new or recycled pavement. Whenever possible, we use the reclaiming method to save our clients money and to use an environmentally-sound process. In fact, about 94% of American roads are paved with asphalt, and around 80% of it is reused; this makes asphalt one of the U.S.’s most recycled products.

Some may falsely think that recycling asphalt can compromise its quality, but it can actually be reused many times without sacrificing strength. Asphalt is a very durable material, and its quality can even improve after being milled and recycled because of the added mineral and organic materials milled with it that helps prevent cracks. Typically, most asphalt can be reused as long as its condition holds, so it can have a long life being reused over and over.

The process is fairly straightforward when you hire an experienced asphalt paver. First, the deteriorated asphalt get milled will a specialized machine. We have a top-quality milling machine for our jobs, so we can even handle large projects.

It removes the top layer of asphalt without compromising the base. As long as the reclaimed material tests adequate, then it can be used for the repaving job. The pulverized material along with a predetermined amount of existing base material creates a new, stable pavement foundation. The recycled product turns out just as well as new asphalt mix, and the client saves money while opting for an eco-friendly practice. If asphalt is not recycled, then it will cost the client to have it disposed, and the material will most likely stay in the landfill interminably.

Whether you’re seeking to repave an asphalt parking lot, pathway, or driveway, there’s a chance it can be reclaimed by professionals. Contact the experts at Metro Paving Inc. to learn how you can reduce waste for a sustainable product that will also help you save money.