Even as we entered the cold season, Metro Paving Inc. continued to work into the late fall and early winter this year when the temperatures allowed. A lot of the time, these late-in-the-year jobs are ideal for businesses that have some budget left and need to use it before their deadline. As long as the conditions are okay to work in, we do our best to get it done before winter stops us. We cover the complete job: soil testing, new construction, curbing, striping, and custom asphalt mixture.

In this featured job we started this fall, we were brought on for a total reconstruction. We removed the old pavement, which was made of concrete and was heavily damaged. Instead, we placed a custom mixture of heavy-duty spec to better hold up to their trucking needs, which included the lot, sidewalks, curbs, and loading dock.   

As you can see from the photos, it’s a large job that we have no problem finishing thanks to our heavy-duty equipment.

Our specialties include commercial parking lots, apartment buildings, shopping centers, churches, industrial buildings, and lumber yards. After the project is complete, there’s still some maintenance to do as the years and seasons pass. Our clients are able to sign up for our maintenance program where we help you maintain your investment. In the spring, we send out one of our paving experts to evaluate your pavement and to see whether or not it needs any work done. For example, the polar vortex temperatures from last year naturally affected pavement due to those dangerous low temps, so some cracks could have resulted from it after the warmup. If the pavement doesn’t need any work, then we plan a visit for the following year to continue to keep track of it.

Contact Metro Paving Inc. to get your 2020 project scheduled or give us a call for a free estimate to start planning your budget accordingly.