For many labor industries or jobs that work outdoors, there is no official date for the end of a season—it usually just depends on when winter arrives and the type of work they are completing. For paving companies, the end of the season does not occur when the air becomes cold. Instead, it happens when the ground freezes, which then makes it too hard to work with.

Simply put, asphalt works best when it is laid in warm weather. When the weather gets too cold, and the ground stiffens up, the asphalt becomes harder to work with and the crew has less time to get it right. If the pavement sets too quickly for our paving experts to properly smooth it out, then the end product will not be the high-quality job we guarantee. When set incorrectly, the pavement will experience more wear and tear in concentrated areas where it’s uneven. Plus, the sealcoating finish, a water-based sealer, will not set correctly in the wrong weather.

Along with uneven wear and tear, badly laid asphalt will not do well in the freeze-thaw. If you want your asphalt to last, there are cost-effective ways to work around the natural damage that occurs as pavement expands and contracts. For example, we offer patching and overlay services. To choose the best one for you, we will come out to evaluate your pavement. If applicable, we can also use our reclaiming process for a more eco-friendly and affordable option.

If you still want a paving job done this year, call us to see if we have availability in our 2019 schedule. We also accept appointments for spring of 2020 when we start back up once the ground has thawed. Metro Paving Inc. has served the Twin Cities metro for over 30 years and excels at asphalt parking lots and driveways.