As Minnesota experiences the full frustration of pot hole season, drivers are taking note of bumpy and worn pavement as they shop and travel around the Twin Cities. In some cases, damaged pavement can cause a loss of business. Parking lots and pathways are a large part of curb appeal, and keeping them updated shows that the company or homeowner cares about the upkeep of their property.

When planning yearly budgets and investments, paving projects should be considered if your parking lot is showing signs of wear. Metro Paving has been serving the Twin Cities community for 31 years, so we have grown and evolved in the paving industry. We understand the complexity of the soils in our area and how to properly build a base layer in them. This is an essential part of creating a long-lasting pavement in Minnesota. Without the right base layer, your new pavement will start to have problems with sinking, potholes and general wear early its lifespan.

Whether it’s new construction to reclaiming, our services are available to a variety of commercial, residential, or HOA jobs. For example, here’s a before and after of a driveway we did for a townhome complex. As mentioned, curb appeal is a big deal for apartment complexes or homeowner communities so that potential renters and owners know the area will be well-maintained.

For some commercial properties, it’s important to have pavement that can stand up to heavy traffic. Gas stations see a lot of vehicles and trucks come and go, and the pavement shows that constant wear and tear. For these kinds of jobs, we can mix a special, harder asphalt for extra durability.

To ensure longevity, we expertly sealcoat each of our paving jobs so it stands up to the test of time and weather.

Our services also include curbing, striping, and pavement drainage, so we can offer a full-service job in one package. Give us a call if you’re located in the Twin Cities and your pavement needs a refresher after the record-breaking cold winter. We give free estimates!