What does a record-breaking snowy February and rainy Spring equal? A lot of flooding for Minnesota.

This flooding will affect hundreds of businesses in many ways this season, including the safety of their parking lots. If a paved lot lacks a proper drainage set up, then ponding will occur similar to the photo above. The water won’t have anywhere to go, so it becomes a risk for hydroplaning. In the event there’s an obstruction in the way, like those garage doors, a car not being able to stop in time could cause a lot of damage.

To help combat those types of ponding issues, Metro Paving developed an exclusive laser profiling technique. The process helps ensure your lot has a proper water drainage system in place, so you don’t have to worry about huge areas of standing water. If you’ve noticed your puddles have been sticking around on your paved surface, we will come out and profile the existing elevations to determine where the water will go.

If you’re seeing other issues with your parking lot this spring, we also offer a maintenance program. This program exists to help extend the life of your current paved surface so you can get the most out of your investment. When you join, one of our paving experts will evaluate your pavement in the springtime—if nothing is required, then we will come back the following year. If you’re in the Twin Cities metro, give Metro Paving a call. Our season just started!