As much as we would all love to be lounging on a beach somewhere with a cocktail in hand, our off-season is not that relaxing. During our slow months, we take time to do many things to help ensure your paving job is the best that it can be.

For example, we’ve recently research and invested in new equipment. The new kid-steers shown in our feature photo will add to our ability to complete jobs in a timely way. You’ll also notice they have tracks vs wheels. We chose these models to reduce the wear and tear our equipment can take on landscaping. Tracks reduce the dig and tear that happens when heavy equipment moves over soft ground.

We’re also busy planning our schedule for early spring. Many of our clients have already signed their contract for 2019 to ensure they are at the top of the list when the snow melts and road restrictions are lifted. Each job we do takes planning to complete it with as little disruption as possible to our client’s and the retail operations. We recognize a parking lot paving job can be an inconvenience. Our meticulous, up-front planning helps us stay on schedule so we’re in and out as quickly as possible.

Lastly, we might take a vacation in the off-season! It really is the only time of year our staff has a chance to take a break.

We look forward to your paving project this spring and summer. Contact us today for an evaluation.