Before winter hits, it’s important for business and property owners to assess their parking lot to make sure it can make it through the long, freezing months to come. Are there a lot of pot holes? Large cracks? Standing water that won’t go away? Then it might be time to call a paving expert to fix those issues before they’re exposed to another winder of the damaging freeze-thaw effect. Also, if your parking is concrete, it might be time to invest in asphalt, which is a more durable option for the Minnesota climate due to the flexibility of asphalt compared to concrete. Asphalt has a more “give” to it and therefore does better with the freeze/thaw we experience in Minnesota each year.

There’s a lot of different ways to take care of common pavement issues that can worsen during the winter. Patching and overlays can take care of cracks and pot holes as a quick fix option that’s not as time consuming or costly as replacement. Under the right circumstances, you could even save money by reclaiming and repaving your parking lot through a special recycling process.

When the pavement just can’t be saved, however, we do a full remove and replace. Long-term, it’s important to use sealcoating on the asphalt. This is a simple process that adds a new layer of protection to asphalt that should be done every 2-3 years to get the most from your asphalt parking lot.

Picture it this way: customers will hate dealing with winter AND a damaged parking lot, so it’s always smart to think ahead. If you’re seeing some of these issues, contact us to check our schedule. There is still time to take care of your parking lot issues before the snow and ice arrive.