Parking Lot Paving Services

Upgrade your property’s functionality and aesthetics with professional parking lot paving services from Metro Paving Inc.

Why Invest in Parking Lot Paving?

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Enhanced Curb Appeal

A well-maintained parking lot contributes to the overall curb appeal of your property, creating a positive first impression for customers, tenants, and visitors. A freshly paved parking lot demonstrates attention to detail and care for your property’s appearance.

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Long-Term Cost Savings

Investing in high-quality parking lot paving can save you money in the long run. Durable pavement materials and professional installation reduce the need for frequent repairs and maintenance, saving you time and money on upkeep.

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Compliance with Regulations

A professionally paved parking lot ensures compliance with local regulations and accessibility standards. By adhering to regulations, you avoid potential fines and legal liabilities while providing an inclusive environment for all visitors.

Our Parking Lot Paving Services

  • New Construction: Whether you’re building a new parking lot or expanding an existing one, our team can handle every aspect of the construction process, from excavation and grading to asphalt installation and line striping.

  • Overlay and Resurfacing: If your existing parking lot has minor surface damage or wear and tear, our overlay and resurfacing services provide a cost-effective solution to restore its appearance and functionality.

  • Maintenance and Repair: From crack sealing and pothole repair to sealcoating and line striping, our maintenance and repair services help extend the lifespan of your parking lot and keep it in optimal condition year-round.

Parking Lot Paving



Related Services


Reclaim & Repave

When asphalt has deteriorated past the point of an overlay, our reclaim and repave method offers a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution.

freshly paved and restriped parking lot of Red Lobster in Minnesota


Asphalt overlay is a cost-effective paving option that can be utilized when large areas of an asphalt surface require repair, but the underlying structure remains sound.

Parking Lot Paving in the Twin Cities


We have extensive expertise in asphalt repair, offering comprehensive patching solutions. Whether you’re dealing with water accumulation issues or weight-bearing concerns, our team has the expertise and resources to provide effective solutions.

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