Parking Lot Aesthetics.  New Asphalt Makes a Great First Impression!

If you are a property owner, you understand how important a clean and well maintained parking lot is to potential retail space clients.  New asphalt gives the correct impression every time.

When it’s the first thing a customer sees, you know it’s important. Asphalt paved surfaces enhance the look of a property and provides a safe and clean surface for parking and walking.

Our Parking Lot Construction Process

Construction of a new parking lot begins with excavation.  Next grading and compaction of the area must be completed to establish desired grade and water drainage.  An aggregate base is then placed and compacted.  The thickness of the aggregate is based on sub-grade stabilization.  Finally, a specifically designed asphalt mix is installed and compacted.  The thickness of the asphalt is based on the customer’s needs.  As paving experts, you can depend on Metro Paving to provide answers to your questions and deliver a quality finished product.

Metro Paving has constructed many parking lots all over the Twin Cities Metro Area and greater Minnesota since 1988.