We’re finishing up paving projects before we hit below-freezing temps, but that doesn’t mean we can’t prepare for the spring. You can call to discuss your paving project and get on our spring schedule now, and here’s the benefits to doing so.  

First in line 

By scheduling your project now, you’ll be first in line when paving season kicks back up again in the spring. This is especially important if your pavement could have used some repairs this year–at the very least, it can be taken care of as soon as the snow melts.  

Aftermath of winter 

Because of the freeze-thaw cycle, among other factors, winter is hard on your pavement. This means that come spring, you’ll find large cracks and potholes that may not be present now. If you were planning on scheduling repairs for a different pavement issue, we can also take care of those damages from the cold months. 


Another perk to scheduling your project months in advance is that you can make sure it’s in the budget. When you’re working on your business’s budget before the new year, you can work in your pavement’s repair needs.  

Holding yourself accountable 

As business owners, we understand the struggle of having too much to do. Often times, the needs of your business get buried under more pressing or immediate issues. Getting on our schedule now ensures that you’re not just going to put those repairs off even further.  

Preventative maintenance for summer 

It may sound odd to think about next summer already, but there are some maintenance tasks that can be done before the harsh UV rays do a number on your pavement. Sealcoating, for example, needs to be done before it gets too hot out, so spring is the perfect time to schedule this service.  

By getting on our spring schedule now, you’re doing yourself a favor. Pavement damage is just one factor of Minnesota winters, so when other businesses are scrambling to get repairs done, you’ll be at the top of the list. Metro Paving has been serving businesses and residential customers around the Twin Cities since 1988.