Your paving project is finally done, whether it’s a parking lot or a driveway, and it looks great. A good paving contractor will let you know what to do after the work is completed, but it’s helpful to have a reminder! Here’s what to do once the job is finished:

Wait to drive on it.

That fresh, smooth pavement can be tempting to drive on right away, but you’ll have to hold off for a couple of days. The asphalt curing process actually takes between 6 and 12 months to cure completely, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it. We recommend waiting to drive on your new pavement for 48 to 72 hours, as it will be soft and susceptible to damage for the first day or two. It’s okay to walk on the asphalt right away, as that won’t cause damage like a vehicle can.

Don’t ignore small cracks later on.

Asphalt doesn’t last forever, but you can prolong its life by taking care of any damages early. By catching those small problem areas, you’re saving yourself from more costly repairs in the future. It’s much easier to crack seal an affected area than to repair a large area of cracked pavement or repave the entire surface.

Invest in maintenance.

A brand-new parking or driveway lot isn’t a small cost, so the last thing you want to do is have to repave it too soon. Luckily, there are maintenance services that you can have done to extend the life of your asphalt. After Metro Paving completes your project, you have the opportunity to sign up for our free maintenance program. Each spring, one of our experts will come out and asses your pavement and let you know what, if any, services are needed.

We also recommend applying a seal coat every three years, either in the late spring or early fall. Those seasons are best because temperatures are more consistent, so it isn’t too hot or cold for the seal coat to be applied. Sealcoating can make your asphalt look brand new again, and it saves you money in the long run.

The experts at Metro Paving will make sure you know what to do after your project is finished, and we’ll recommend signing up for the maintenance program. We want you to get the most out of your pavement!