A new parking lot can be a costly expense, and no one wants to have major repairs done earlier than expected. In order to extend the lifespan of your pavement, it’s essential to get maintenance done. Asphalt maintenance will protect your investment and save you money down the road.

After getting your lot paved or repaired, you have the opportunity to join our free maintenance program. Every spring, one of our paving experts will come to your lot and assess the pavement for any damages. If no repairs are needed, we’ll plan a visit for the following year. If there are some damaged areas, we’ll let you know and recommend the appropriate services.

For parking lots that are one to three years old, we’ll typically see some cracks from the freeze-thaw cycle and harsh UV rays. A crack seal is needed when the asphalt has cracked more than one inch in width, and this prevents cracks from growing and spreading. We also recommend getting a sealcoat about every three years, and this service involves an MN DOT liquid material on top of your parking lot. We will also need to restripe the lot after a sealcoat.

In addition, if your parking lot was not done correctly and doesn’t have proper drainage points, you’ll notice areas of standing water after it rains. We provide a laser profiling service that helps us find the best drainage area for your parking lot, stopping ponding from happening. Ponding leads to more cracks and deeper issues underneath the top layer of asphalt.

We continue to seal cracks as needed for lots that are four to eight years old, along with patching potholes and other larger damaged areas. After about eight years, it will likely be time to start budgeting for some larger repairs, but in many cases your pavement can get away with a couple more years of repair services.

In Minnesota, the life expectancy of a parking lot is between 12 and 15 years old. As long as the pavement isn’t too damaged, we’ll be able to provide cost-effective services like asphalt overlay or reclaim and replace. These are less expensive than reconstructing the entire lot, which is why it’s important to get maintenance done over the years. Without proper maintenance over the years, we may not be able to offer a less expensive solution.

To start protecting your investment today, give us a call or submit a contact form online requesting to join the maintenance program. We’ve been serving the Twin Cities area since 1988.