We’re still about two months out from the start of paving season, but we’re itching to get back out there and tackle some projects! While we can’t start paving just yet, we can look back at some of the projects we’ve done over the years. Being in business since 1988, we’ve completed countless paving projects, but here are a few highlights from more recent years!

Eagan Apartment Complex

This big project was done in June of 2016. The client needed a sealcoat and re-stripe of their 75,000 sq. ft. parking lot. We love getting to do apartment complex parking lots because tenants are always so grateful to have a nice, smooth lot to park in.

eagan apartment complex parking lot

Star Tribune

Another oldie, but a goodie! In 2016 we did a 150,000 sq. ft. mill and overlay project for the Star Tribune parking lot. It was a pleasure to help out the employees and owners of the largest newspaper in Minnesota!

star tribune parking lot

Senior Citizen Home

Also in 2016, we did a total parking lot reconstruction, over 55,000 sq. ft., for a senior citizen home in Minnetonka. We were grateful to be able to serve our seniors and those who visit them.

sernior citizen home parking lot

Spee-Dee Delivery Service

In 2018, we did a huge 500,000 sq. ft. parking lot for Spee-Dee Delivery Service in St. Cloud. The services completed were: patching, crack fill, concrete, and also did a chip seal over the entire lot. This project is a great example of our full-service paving process!

spee-dee delivery service parking lot

Parking Lot Specialty Project

Much more recently, in the summer of 2021, we were hired on to do a special project: a 20,000 sq. ft. rooftop parking lot with a concrete garage underneath. We removed the old asphalt and applied a rubber membrane to the top of the concrete to prevent water from getting into the garage—we then paved a 4” wearing course on the rooftop lot.

new parking lot construction on a rooftop

Miller Chevrolet

Also this past summer, we completed a mill and overlay for Miller Chevrolet in Rogers, MN. This 150,000 sq. ft. parking lot needed to be smooth for those test drives! An overlay for this lot really boosted curb appeal.

miller chevrolet new parking lot

We’ve completed so many projects over the past 30+ years, it’s hard to pick and choose which ones were the most fun! We appreciate all of our clients, and we can’t wait for paving season to start back up again. Metro Paving is the Twin Cities’ paving experts—parking lots are our specialty!