As we all know, the Minnesota winter can put a bit of a wrench in things when it comes to outdoor work. We try to make our paving season as long as we can, beginning as soon as the snow melts in the spring. From November to March, however, we have to find other ways to keep us busy. While it is the prime time for our staff to take a vacation, we certainly aren’t dormant all through the winter.

For example, we do snow plowing for a few businesses in the Rogers, MN area. Depending on the winter, this can keep us quite busy!

We also spend time getting our spring schedule in place. Many people call to get on our spring schedule before and during the off-season so that their project can get done early. All of our projects take planning to ensure there’s minimal disruption to our clients’ business, so during the winter we can take the time to plan the project well.

If the temperature allows, we can do small maintenance tasks such as patching potholes during the winter. We can’t do big projects during winter because when the temps get too cold, the asphalt is more difficult to work with. The asphalt will set too quickly for us to smooth it out, so the final product won’t be even. Smaller maintenance services like patching, however, can be done quickly and during a warmer day. And, if there’s no snow on the ground, we can come out to evaluate your pavement and come up with a plan for the spring.

We’re also always researching new equipment to take our services to the next level. Being paving experts means paving with precision, and new machinery allows us to do that.

There’s still a couple of months until paving season kicks back up again, and we can’t wait! If you’re planning on getting your pavement repaired or replaced this year, give us a call now and we’ll get you on the schedule. Metro Paving has been serving commercial parking lots since 1988!