If your asphalt is in rough shape, patching won’t be enough to fix the damage. If your lot or driveway is full of potholes and alligator cracks, sealcoating won’t work, either. You will likely either need the “remove and replace” method, or a complete repaving. But what exactly are these methods?

Remove & Replace

This is one method when patching or asphalt overlay isn’t an option due to the state of the pavement. If cracks are a few inches deep, or the foundation is unstable, it’s time for a replacement. It’s important to have a solid foundation for the new asphalt, so simply overlaying the underlying issue won’t work. Think of it as like the foundation of a house. Without strong bones, the rest of it won’t be durable. So, in parking lots or driveways, the asphalt needs to be removed in order to reinstall that foundation.

At Metro Paving, we abide by strict blacktop thickness guidelines to ensure that there are no thin spots after replacing the asphalt. This is especially important in terms of freezing Minnesota winters and the thawing that Spring brings.

Reclaim & Repave

Similar to the above method, if the asphalt is too deteriorated, an overlay or sealcoat isn’t the answer. This practice is also environmentally sound; it involves pulverizing the old asphalt and using it for the new pavement. So, your old, cracked and pothole-filled parking lot asphalt isn’t going to waste. The pulverized material is added to a base material, which then creates a new, strong foundation. If necessary, we are also able to redesign the parking lot during this process and create new drainage.

Call Metro Paving for a FREE evaluation of your pavement; our team of professionals will know which method is needed and will help guide you through the process. We’ll get that driveway, parking lot, or pathway looking great again!