Winter is officially here, bringing with it the gifts of snow, cold, and shorter days. It also brings about asphalt damage that can be detrimental to locations that see an influx of traffic during the holidays, like churches, temples, and other places of worship.

The Winter Damage Trifecta

There are different causes of winter damage, but there are three common offenders that we see every year.

  • The freeze-thaw effect. When snowmelt seeps into existing crack and then refreezes, the water expands and deepens your existing cracks. The fluctuating temperatures at the beginning and end of winter give the freeze-thaw effect ample time to cause detrimental damage.
  • Snowplows. Snowplows are great for picking up snow, but they also grab small pebbles that scratch the surface layers of your asphalt
  • De-icing chemicals. The chemicals used to melt ice can react negatively with your asphalt, causing it to deteriorate faster than normal.

Areas that experience extra traffic in the winter, like shopping malls or churches, are at a unique disadvantage for winter damage. Having hundreds of cars driving over the same weakened area can result in asphalt buckling and pothole formation.

Thankfully, winter damage can be repaired in the spring and prevented in the fall. Prevention starts with sealcoating. Sealcoating fills in cracks and strengthens the top layers of your asphalt. It also leaves the surface with a wonderful, like new black finish.

If you find your lot has been significantly damage by the effects of winter, there are options for what kind of repair fits your lot best. One of the most common and eco-friendly solutions is our reclaim and repave process. Through this process, your old asphalt is reused, saving you both time and money.

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If your church’s parking lot is looking more than a little worse for wear going into the holiday season, it isn’t too early to get on our 2021 schedule. Call Metro Paving Inc. to schedule your spring maintenance today.