Do you have a commercial parking lot that needs a little TLC? Don’t just use any paving company for your project, go with professionals who have experience working in both the commercial and residential paving industry.

Commercial vs. Residential Paving

Commercial and residential paving do not have the same processes, so it is important to work with a company that has experience in both areas. The main differences between residential and commercial paving are: the depth of subgrade needed and drainage.

Constant wear and tear each of multiple vehicles of varying weights means commercial lots must have a deep and sturdy subgrade. Much deeper than most residential driveways that experience far less wear and tear each day. It’s the subgrade that supports asphalt. If the layer below the asphalt is weak, it means the pavement above is susceptible to sinking and the creation of potholes.
Drainage design also becomes a significant factor for a parking lot due to the large surface area that is paved. In residential paving, the driveway is only a few cars wide. As long as a proper slope is incorporated in the design, there is little more to be concerned about regarding drainage. However, with commercial lots, pavers need to expertly review the slope to be certain standing water does not occur. In these cases, Metro Paving uses our exclusive Laser Profiling technique to ensure proper water shedding.

Our Commercial Services

We offer a variety of commercial paving services, whether it be a parking lot for new construction, resealing your lot, or repaving. One of our most popular services is our reclaim and repave service. During reclaim and repave, we reuse the old asphalt from the existing parking lot and combine it with the new asphalt mixture. This process is fast, eco-friendly, and more affordable than a full remove and replace process.

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