Construction of a new commercial buildings such as office suites, shopping malls, or apartment complexes will also include the construction of a new parking lot. Just as extensive planning goes into the new building, the same planning process will go into how to construct the new lot. Hiring a professional with extensive experience in this area will make the project smooth and successful.

Soil Type

The professionals at Metro Paving Inc take time to understand the soil type your new lot will sit upon before the first shovel hits the dirt. Clay or sand soil types are very different and require varying levels of compaction and aggregate base to be installed before asphalt can be laid.

Laser Profiling

Slope of the area is also considered. We grade to avoid low spots where water could pool during rainstorms and winter freeze and thaw. Using a proprietary technique called Laser Profiling, we assess the area where the new lot will go and grade to ensure the proper drainage slope. The Minnesota Asphalt Paving Association recommends a minimum slope of 2%.

Subgrade and Stabilization

Aggregate base is brought in to stabilize the soil to create a solid foundation for the pavement. Just like any foundation, the soil foundation under the pavement must be solid and stable to ensure the asphalt above maintains its integrity over a long lifespan.

Special Pavement Mixes

The volume of traffic and how heavy the vehicles are should be considered before laying the final asphalt. Special mixes are available for areas where heavy trucks will be traveling.


At Metro Paving Inc we strive to be your one-stop-shop for parking lot construction. Curbing and striping are available for any new lot construction or repave project.

At Metro Paving Inc., we have the skills to get the job done right. Contact us today to get on our Fall schedule.