Our reclaim and repave option is a green, cost-effective process that could be a perfect fit for your parking lot pavement project.

When the condition of the existing parking lot is past the point where a simple overlay is not an option, we use reclaim and repave. Our practice is to use as much of old the asphalt as possible. We do this using special machines that grind away the top layer(s) of the current asphalt, so we expose structurally sound asphalt that lies underneath. If the underlying asphalt is too damaged, we send it to an asphalt recycling company that then properly recycles the material. However, if the integrity of the asphalt underneath is good, we use the pulverized top layer of damaged asphalt and mix it with a pre-determined amount of new asphalt material to create a high quality new top layer.

The reclaim/repave process takes less time than a full remove and replace project where all the old asphalt is completely removed, ground up, and a new based is created before new asphalt is laid on top.

Just like a full remove and replace project, drainage is considered. We do this using our proprietary laser profiling technique that helps us see low spots where water may pool and cause damage to the new pavement.

Reclaiming and repaving is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to repair asphalt. A little-known fact about the asphalt paving industry in the United States is 99% of old asphalt is recycled.

If the reclaim and repave process sounds like it’s right for you, contact Metro Paving Inc. for a quote.