How is your parking lot drainage? If you are planning a new lot or need to fix your existing one, we can help prevent water damage with our laser profiling technology. Our process works by identifying existing elevations and determining where the water will naturally go, thus reducing the risk of standing water and ensuring proper drainage.

Signs of water damage can most easily be seen on the topmost layer. Standing water is one of the first and most visible signs of improper drainage; if there’s ponding, then there’s also damage occurring below the surface and on a more molecular level. Too much standing water in one place can cause asphalt separating, which is when water breaks down asphalt by separating the asphalt mixture from its aggregates (sand, gravel, crushed stone, etc.). One part of this is called bleeding, when the asphalt binder rises to the surface which leads to raveling, which is the disintegration of the topmost layer. When the subgrade is weaker, it can be a victim to rutting or wheel-shaped ruts in areas of high traffic. The ruts cause even more damage to your lot, and this cycle will repeat if not fixed.

Other types of below surface water damage can occur. Water will find cracks and seep down to the subgrade; if there’s no way for it to leave, it will stay and break down the asphalt. Plus, oxygen and UV rays which naturally break down the surface and lead to even more cracks over time. This allows more openings for water to seep in and linger without proper drainage. Since the most worrying damage is done under the surface, it is hard to spot until it is too late.

Improper drainage and the resulting standing water will also result in other damage that can affect vehicles. It can also lead to potholes and then hide the true depth if it’s filled with water, which are hazardous to vehicles and pedestrians alike. If a vehicle is damaged by potholes in a parking lot, a business could be partially responsible. That can lead to poor curb appeal and, in a more extreme case, a person could demand financial compensation.

If your lot has improper drainage, call Metro Paving Inc for your asphalt laser profiling estimate.