Gravel parking lots can be low cost, quick to install, but as time goes on gravel may not be a long-term solution for your commercial lot after all. Potholes caused by our harsh winters coupled with problems plowing a gravel lot are just the tip of the iceberg regarding gravel. If it’s time to upgrade your lot, we can help.


We always start our paving projects with a complete evaluation of the lot. We find the low spots, determine traffic volume, and assess the number of parking spaces that will comfortably


The sub-base is next to be laid after the necessary grading for water runoff has been decided. The sub-base stabilizes the surface to support the asphalt pavement and provides a frost barrier to reduce winter damage. Minnesota winters can be brutal, so it is important to have a strong solid sub-base to mitigate damage caused by the freeze/thaw affect.


Choosing high quality materials is essential to produce long lasting results. We choose the asphalt mix based on your needs. Large and heavy traffic requires a special mix that is very hard to help extend the life of your new asphalt.


After your asphalt parking lot is installed, it is important to invest in preventative maintenance. Sealcoating, filling cracks and pothole repair are essential to prolong the life of your new asphalt surface. If you already have a property with an asphalt lot, asphalt overlays are a great choice that can add up to ten years to the lifespan.

If you still have questions on whether switching from gravel to asphalt is right for you, Metro Paving is here to offer professional service with a free paving estimate. With more than 32 years of asphalt experience, we are your local source for your commercial asphalt paving needs.