We’ve got the equipment and expertise to handle the big jobs, and here’s some examples of us doing exactly that:

200,000 Overlay

This job was for an apartment complex and required paving services for their parking lots and the roads going between them. Overall, this ended up being a 200,000 square feet overlay job; their existing pavement was still stable, so we were able to use our equipment to install an expert overlay on-schedule so it did not affect the residents too much.

555,000 Overlay

This job was also for an apartment complex, and we were hired to overlay on their entrance and parking lots. Overall, it came to 555,000 square feet. As you can see in the photos, our-heavy duty equipment efficiently took care of the milling process, and then we laid the new pavement so that it was smooth and durable. The job also required some striping for the parking lot.

55,000 New Construction

This job was a new construction of a 50,000 square foot parking lot. We have the expertise to test the soil to make sure it will handle the pavement correctly, and any kind of adjustments we might need to make for the asphalt formula. We compacted the soil, placed an aggregate base, and then installed the specially mixed asphalt pavement. All other aspects like curbing, drainage, and striping were also taken care of so that an expert product was delivered.

500,000 Lot Repair

This job was for a 500,000 square foot parking lot, and it required a couple different services: patching, crack fill, concrete, and a chip seal over the entire lot. Even with that many different types of paving needed on such a large area, our various equipment kept up so the client received an expert finish.

No matter what type of service we are hired to complete, we are proud to maintain a large fleet of equipment to get the jobs done efficiently and with high-quality results. You can even check out some of our equipment on our website! If you have a large job that needs expert care, give us a call. Metro Paving Inc offers free estimates so we can figure out the best options for your needs and budget.