Properly laid asphalt is asphalt that will last. What exactly does it mean to have properly laid asphalt? At Metro Paving, it means we’re literally all about the base.

Whether you have a new construction parking or an older one that needs to be replaced, we make sure we’re laying the fresh, new asphalt on a solid base. The aggregate we lay and the compaction system we use ensure we’re pouring your new asphalt on structure that will stand up to the freeze/thaw cycles in our area. We’re careful to determine the kind of soil your parking lot will rest upon and then install a base that is most appropriate for the area. Nothing ruins a beautiful parking lot faster than a harsh winter and a poor sub-surface structure.

Metro Paving Inc. services both commercial and residential clients.

We offer:

  • New parking lot construction
  • Remove and replacement of existing asphalt surfaces
  • Reclaim and repave
  • Asphalt patching
  • Asphalt overlay
  • Laser profiling to solve water ponding issues

Our specialty is parking lots, but we also do paved pathways for golf courses, tennis courts, and residential driveways for homes located in the north metro area.

No matter what you are paving—whether it be a parking lot, walking path, or tennis court—it is important to hire an experienced paving contractor like Metro Paving Inc. Whatever the project, the pros at Metro Paving will make sure that the job gets done right the first time.