Potholes. They’re the bane of our existence when driving, and they are unfortunately all over thanks to the freeze/thaw effect of the Midwest seasons. Even when you think your parking lot or driveway is safe with a couple small cracks, that minor damage could turn into a major problem depending on the weather and type of cars driving over it. Keeping an eye on that damage becomes even more important during the rainy months. Water-filled damage can hide the true depth of a pothole, which could easily take out a tire.

A quick and cost-effective solution? Asphalt patching and overlay.

After checking that your foundation remains strong, paving experts will let you know if your lot qualifies for a patching or overlay process. If the damage is sustained to a smaller area, then patching would be best. Larger areas will need an asphalt overlay. Thankfully, both processes are easier on your wallet while still creating a smoother, more stable surface so cars won’t suffer.

If your current lot can’t be saved and needs a complete removal, we’ll let you know with a free quote so you can budget appropriately. The Metro Paving team will go all over the Twin Cities for commercial parking lots, and the northwest suburbs for driveways. Get ahead of the game and save yourself the trouble of navigating pavement damage.