Construction season has officially gone underway, and you’re questioning what upkeep your business needs this year. Maybe those cracks in your parking seem suspiciously larger than last year? Or you’ve noticed the puddles spreading wider? If so, we’ve got a great informative blog post here that can help figure out if you need the help of a paving expert. If you think you’re ready to contract a parking lot fix, there’s more you have to think about first.

Lining up all of the different parts of updating a parking lot can be difficult and add up quickly if you have to bring in multiple contractors. Depending on the job, the lot could need a complete remove and replace or a reclaim and repave; plus, curbing, striping, and/or some handrails for ramps. Paving experts will also offer a way to improve your lot’s water drainage issues and methods differ by company. Feeling overwhelmed already? You don’t have to be.

Metro Paving handles all of those services and, as a local business, we’re dedicated to sincere customer satisfaction. We know the importance of a job well done and the ease of having it all through one contractor.  Plus, we’re committed to offering cost effective paving solutions. With 30 years of experience under our belt, we’ve put together manageable maintenance programs to help commercial clients budget for their larger projects.

Don’t be intimidated by your paving needs and let our experts help. Contact us today for a free evaluation of your parking lot.