We have had an excellent year at Metro Paving Inc! Thank you to all who trusted their paving projects to our dedicated and quality crews.

One project we completed in August was particularly complex. It was a very large project to first of all, but there were some elements to the job that made it much more interesting. We’ve shared some of our photos from the project on our Facebook page. Click here to view.

One of the more interesting components with this project was how we paved the parking lot. Normally a lot is either a reclaimed project or and overlay project. However this parking lot was both. A section of the lot had deteriorated so much over time that the only solution for a successful paving job was to do a full reclaim and then repave. Our experts are professionals who want to deliver the best outcome for our clients at the best possible price. With that in mind, we determined the rest of the lot was sound enough that we would be able to do overlay paving. This solution saved both time and money for our client.

This paving project utilized many of our paving options. In addition to doing both reclaim and also overlay paving in the parking lot, we also installed concrete sidewalks, curbs, and floors.

Lastly, you never quite know all of the obstacles that go along with paving. That was evident to us when we knew that we would need to work around railroad tracks in our working area. It was a challenge to complete the project while making sure the railroad tracks we free and clear for traffic.

We’re very proud of the successful outcome for our client!