Your parking lot is starting to show its age and you know it’s time to do something about it. The question is whether you need a full remove and replace of the asphalt, or if a mill and overlay could work instead.
Your paving specialist at Metro Paving will be able to help you answer this question, but a few things to consider about the two processes are noted below.

Asphalt Overlay
Asphalt Overlay is a cost effective paving option for use when large areas of an asphalt surface has deteriorated to the point of needing repair.  If the sub-grade of the lot is good asphalt overlay is an option. Metro Paving Inc tries to use this form of repaving whenever possible.
A standard overlay consists of first repairing major defective areas and milling the existing asphalt to establish proper and even finished height.  This is typically done along concrete and tight drainage areas.  Then a new layer of asphalt is installed to create a new, stable pavement surface.
This is a good alternative to complete reconstruction especially in large surface areas like asphalt parking lots and paved pathways.

Remove and Replace
When asphalt parking lots, or other asphalt surfaces have deteriorated to the point where a blacktop overlay will not work, a full removal and replacement of the pavement is necessary.
In the event of a complete removal and replacement of your pavement, the Metro Paving team will take great care to properly remove and reinstall MN DOT Spec base material to provide a proper foundation for your new asphalt or concrete.

We adhere to strict internal guidelines for blacktop thickness to ensure there are no thin spots in your new pavement.  With our quality assurance, you can be confident your new parking lot or paved pathway will withstand the harsh freeze/thaw environment of Minnesota for years to come.

Ready to learn more? Contact Metro Paving Inc today. We’re happy to stop by to discuss your options.